FAQs for Sellers

What can I deliver to anticomondo?

High-quality tin toys, railway trains, model cars, dolls and teddy bears, dating from about 1880 to 1970.

Historical advertising, Photographica and Film, vintage and design objects.

Coins and medals from all over the world.


How can I deliver to anticomondo?

Please use our online-form for the first contact. We shall then arrange a date with you at our auctioning hall where you can deliver your items personally.

Optionally, you might also wish to send us your items by post. In this case, in your own interest, please take care that the parcel containing your items is covered by insurance.


What are the commission fees for a consignment sent to anticomondo?

All supplies to anticomondo are free of any commission. We only charge a fee of 12.50 € per lot (plus 19 % VAT). This fee amounting to 14.88 € (incl. VAT) is to be paid for each lot which is supplied, regardless of whether the lot is sold in the auction or not. Apart from that, no further costs are incurred by you, the seller.


Are there any hidden costs involved?

No. Apart from the consignment fee of 14.88 € (incl. VAT) no further costs are incurred by you, the seller. The costs for the valuation, photos and, of course, for the insurance for your items are covered by this fee.


What is to my advantage when my items are sold by anticomondo?

In contrast to other auctioneers, anticomondo does not charge the seller any commission fee. This means that you as the supplier of the items are paid the total price which is achieved for your items at the auction (minus the consignment fee of 14.88 € incl. VAT).

We offer your items on various international online platforms, thus, they are presented to a worldwide circle of collectors.


When can I deliver my items?

We can mutually agree on a date for the delivery of your collector's items at any time.

The deadline for deliveries for the next auction is 6 weeks prior to the date.


Who decides on the limit of items to be auctioned?

The limit is fixed or determined jointly between you and our expert. This limit should not exceed one half of the price of the actual market value. The value of the items supplied per lot should not be less than 80 € to ensure that the sale is still worthwhile for you, after the consignment fee has been deducted.


When does the catalogue arrive?

The catalogue is issued and mailed 2 weeks before the auction. As seller, you will receive one catalogue free of charge by mail.


When will I be paid?

Final invoicing is done 4 weeks after the auction. We will send the final account to you by mail, together with a cheque. If payment by bank transfer is preferred, please inform us in advance and let us know your bank details. Cash payment is also possible.


What happens to my unsold items after the auction?

Your unsold items are offered at their announced prices during a period of two weeks after the auction in an after-sale. Should they still remain unsold after that period, it can be mutually agreed upon, if they should be sent back to you or left with our auctioning house for the next auction.