How you can place your bids

There are 4 different ways for you to participate in our auction:
You could be present in our auctioning hall when the auction takes place.
You could send us your pre-auction bids in writing.
You could follow the auction by phone.
You could place your bids live as an online-bidder.
Please read our bidding conditions!

The internet bid

The easiest way to participate is to use our online catalogue. Here you can view all the items and directly place your bids.

Using the auction platform the saleroom you are able to bid on all items live via internet. So you can submit your bids in real time during the auction. For successful internet bids via 'the saleroom' the buyer's premium is 24,5%.

All internet bidders have to register themselves for the intended internet bid not later than 24 hours before the start of the auction. 


Presence at the auctioning hall

If you are personally present at the auction, you get a bidder's card with a bidder's number at our reception desk after you have shown us your personal identity card. Please keep this card until the end of the auction. By means of this card you do not only bid in the auction, but it is also needed for final invoicing after the auction.

If you want to bid, you do so by clearly and visibly holding up your bidder's card. The auctioneer takes note of your bid as well as of other bids by phone, internet or other bidders present at the auction and coordinates them. If no higher bid is placed after your bid, you have been successful with your bid. In this case please hold up your bidder's card once again briefly to enable the auctioning team to register your bidder's number.

If you should happen to hold up your hand without wanting to bid, do not worry! Inform the auctioning team accordingly and, if there is any doubt, the position number will be called up anew.

If you have been successful with the bids you have been interested in, please return to the reception desk, give back your bidder's card and you will receive your invoice. This has to be paid for in cash or by EC card.

At the collection point for auctioned-off goods you will receive the items you have successfully bid on. Please check immediately if all items are in order. Later complaints cannot be considered.

The bid in writing

If you are not able to participate in the auction personally, you are kindly invited to send us your bids in advance in writing. Our online catalogue offers you an easy way to search around in our auction catalogues and place written bids directly as pre-bids (or telephone bids).

As an alternative, you might also send us your maximum bid by mail or facsimile.

The deadline for written bids is 12h00 before the auction day.

Written pre-bids are dealt with according to the principle of "safeguarding the bidder's interest". This means, we do only use your written pre-bids to overbid the bid of another bidder by just one bid increment. In this way, it might be possible that you have actually bid e.g. 351.00 € for an item, but the second higher bid is only 200.00 €. Thus, you would be successful with your bid already at a price of 220.00 €. The invoice will be sent to you by mail as soon as possible after the auction.

The telephone bid

In order to enable you to participate actively in the auction also from your home or elsewhere while travelling, you might do so by phone. Please use our online catalogue to send us your telephone bids.

As an alternative, you might also send us your telephone bids by letter mail or facsimile. The deadline for telephone bids is 12h00 before the auction day.

You will be contacted by our team during the auction shortly before the wanted position is called up.